Looking for ways to make collecting payments and making deposits easier for your business? Our treasury management collection tools provide simple solutions to save your business valuable time and money:

  • Cash Concentration electronically brings cash from multiple accounts and banks – even those outside of Merchants Bank - together into a central account.
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  • Direct Debit collects customer payments electronically from your customers’ bank accounts and automatically deposits the funds into your business account. Save time by eliminating the need to process paper checks.
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  • Deposit on Demand deposits checks into your bank account through a check scanning machine you have on site at your business. Simply run your customer checks through the scanner and have the checks automatically deposited into your business checking account. No more running to the bank to make your deposits.
    Learn More: Deposit on Demand

  • Card Processing

In addition, we offer a free, no obligation comparison of your current business solutions and pricing against our own offerings to ensure you are getting the most value from your current business accounts and services.