From paying your employees and vendors to cash liquidity, we offer solutions to maximize your cash flow and make your business more efficient:

  • Direct Deposit payroll is the electronic transfer and deposit of employees’ net pay to their bank accounts anywhere in the U.S. through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.
    Learn More: Direct Deposit

  • Online Bill Payments pays bills through your business’s Online Banking account without having to write a check. Simply enter the payee information, payment amount and date and the payment is sent.
    Learn More: Online Bill Payments

  • Target balance accounts and automated sweeps work together to efficiently manage the cash in your accounts.
    - A Sweep Account automatically transfers money between accounts based on your parameters. Your Business Checking account is reviewed daily and excess funds are automatically “swept” into a savings account to earn interest or to a Line of Credit to pay down balances. When you need the funds, the money is swept back in to your Business Checking account.
    - A Target or Zero Balance Account is a business checking account that is automatically maintained at a “zero balance” or at a target balance that you specify. Target/Zero-Balance Accounts allow businesses to maintain separate accounts for various divisions, locations, or functions (such as payroll), while automatically consolidating cash from those accounts.

  • Wire Transfers allow your business to send or receive money from anywhere in the world through an electronic transfer of funds.

In addition, we offer a free, no obligation comparison of your current business solutions and pricing against our own offerings to ensure you are getting the most value from your current business accounts and services.