Get free access to Rapport through our partnership with Trusteer, an IBM security company. Take this extra security step to protect yourself against cybercrime and online fraud with Trusteer Rapport ® .

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What is Trusteer Rapport®?

Trusteer Rapport® is a software that helps prevent malware and phishing attacks that are the root cause of most online financial fraud. It will work together with your current antivirus and firewall protection software to provide an additional layer of security. In an independent study, Trusteer Rapport stopped 100% of all financial malware used by testers to try and infect a protected machine. Rapport is highly recommended as an additional layer of security to any antivirus program you already use.

How does Trusteer Rapport® protect my account from business fraud?
  • Removes existing financial viruses from your computer immediately
  • Prevents financial virus infections when accessing malicious websites or downloading malicious applications
  • Stops phishing attacks from stealing your credentials and data
  • Automatic updates are done in the background to keep up with the latest threats
  • Compact software that won’t slow down your computer or interfere with your applications
  • Protection starts with a quick installation (to ensure full protection please restart your computer)
How will I know Trusteer Rapport ® is working once installed on my computer?

Once installed, a green Trusteer Rapport ® icon will be displayed near (or in) the browser's address bar when you are viewing a website that is protected by Trusteer Rapport ® .
Trusteer protected site confirmation icon, green icon

If the site is unprotected, a grey icon will display instead.
Trusteer protected site icon, grey icon