While fraud scam headlines, including ACH fraud and check fraud, continue to make headlines every week, it may feel like there’s nothing you can do to protect your business checking account. But with Merchants Bank’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) Block and Filter services, you’ll find an affordable way to ensure your business checking account isn’t used for unauthorized ACH transactions. 

What is an ACH Block?

With an ACH Block, you will have the ability to block all ACH debits and/or credits from posting to your company accounts to prevent ACH fraud. You may also have heard this service referred to as ACH Debit Blocks. 

What is an ACH Filter?

With an ACH Filter, you will have the control to allow certain ACH debits/and or credits to post to your account, while at the same time excluding other debits and/or credits from posting. 

How do ACH Blocks and Filters work?

It’s this easy:

  • You let us know what ACH transactions should be allowed to post to your company’s checking account. 
  • If an ACH transaction is received that has not been allowed, we will try to contact you to see if you want to allow the transaction. 
  • If we can’t get in touch with you, the transaction will be sent back to the originator.

Benefits of ACH Blocks and Filters

  • Save time, money and reduces ACH fraud and check fraud 
  • Eliminating having to manage unauthorized transactions that have been posted to your company’s checking account
  • You’re in control of the list of permitted ACH transactions to your company’s checking account 

To get started, contact a Treasury Management Specialist or Commercial Banker. Discover the Merchants Bank difference.

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