This page contains the latest news and customer communication regarding the transition from First National Bank of Northfield to Merchants Bank. Please reference it should you have questions as we prepare for system transitions in May 2020.
We are thrilled to be joining the Northfield community and look forward to welcoming you as a Merchants Bank customer in May. Our team is ready to continue the First National Bank’s tradition of high quality customer service and community involvement. Just like First National Bank, we have a proud history of community support dating back to our founding in 1875. You can learn more about Merchants Bank and the story of our rope symbol below.
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What Staff and Customers are Saying about the Transition to Merchants

Time Viere and Greg EvansGreg Evans, President & CEO, Merchants Financial Group, Inc. and Merchants Bank NA
(pictured with Tim Viere, President, First National Bank of Northfield)
"Merchants is thrilled to continue First National Bank’s tradition of high-quality customer service by retaining so many key members of the First National team. We are also humbled by the stewardship responsibility that comes with ensuring First National’s legacy with its customers and the community will continue to be nurtured and never forgotten."
Did you know? Merchants Bank was First National’s first choice when selecting an acquisition partner because of factors beyond the balance sheet. We’re proud to share the same community banking principles found at First National, including a personal approach to banking built on trusted relationships with our customers, a commitment to community leadership and a deep respect for preserving and sharing our 145-year history.

The Story of the Merchants Bank Rope

The Merchants Bank logo possesses a streamlined, forward and rhythmic motion to convey that Merchants Bank is a strong organization with an eye on the future. The three shapes, which together create the letter M, are interlocking and woven together giving the appearance of a rope, which implies strength and flexibility.

The three shapes which compose the M also represent characteristics inherent to Merchants Bank. Each builds off another:

  • Our employees, customers and shareholders
  • The regional, central and local aspects of our organization
  • Quality products, outstanding service and profitability
  • Volunteers, community and relationships

A rope is an amazing tool.

Its strength allows one to lift heavy loads, span great distances and tow precious cargo. Yet a rope is flexible enough to secure valuable packages with a simple knot. This tremendous strength and flexibility is made possible by the thousands of individual strands bound together for one purpose. A rope could teach us a lot about life.