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Free Checking Accounts, Online Banking and More

A Merchants Bank checking account always comes with the personal attention and service quality you should expect from your bank.

We offer different checking account products, each with benefits tailored to meet your changing needs and provide the convenience you expect and deserve, like easy online banking. We also offer several types of Overdraft Protection options for qualified applicants available with Relationship Checking, eChecking or Free Checking. We encourage students and young adults looking for a Debit Card account to look at eChecking and Free Checking, our two most popular Debit Card accounts.

Click on "view details" for specific information to help you choose between Relationship Checking, eChecking and Free Checking. Free Online Banking and Mobile Banking are included with all checking accounts!



Relationship Checking Account

eChecking Account

Free Checking Account

Printable Brochure view details view details view details
Free Mobile Banking Yes Yes Yes
Free Online Banking with Bill Pay Yes Yes Yes
Free Telephone Banking Yes Yes Yes
Free Debit Card Yes Yes Yes
Fee-Free Cash at more than 450 ATM locations Yes Yes Yes
Free eStatements Yes Required Yes
Minimum deposit required to open account $50 $50 $50
Minimum balance required to avoid monthly service charge $1,500 in checking or a
$15,000 combination of deposit and/or personal loan balances
Monthly requirement to avoid service charge   • Minimum of 6 debit card purchases
• Maximum of 6 paper checks
ATM & automatic deposits / withdrawals not counted.
Monthly service charge if account requirements are not met $10 $10 $0
Interest paid on entire balance Yes    
Free Merchants' Signature style checks Yes    
3 Foreign ATM fees waived per month   Yes  
Check Images Available Available Online $2 per month when returned with statement;  available free online
20% Annual discount on any safe deposit box rental Yes    
50% Discount on Visa gift card purchase charge Yes    
Free first year overdraft line of credit** Yes    
No fee on money orders Yes    
No fee on cashier's checks Yes    
Free notary service Yes Yes Yes
Identity Theft Insurance Available Available Available
Checking Account Switch Kit Available Available Available
** Overdraft Line of Credit available to qualified applicants.


Relationship Checking Account

Relationship Checking is for customers who want a bit more from their checking account. 

You’ll receive valuable discounts on other bank products and services and you’ll earn interest on the balance in your account. 

We’ll even pay for your check blank reorders (Merchants’ Signature style) on an ongoing basis.

Enjoy these “extras” when you open a Relationship Checking Account today.

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eChecking Account

eChecking was created for those who primarily wish to bank through electronic channels, such as with a debit card, ATM, mobile or online banking and automatic deposits and withdrawals. 

With eChecking you’ll automatically receive eStatements, so we won’t clutter your mailbox with paper statements. 

We’ll even waive the foreign charge on three ATM withdrawals each month. 

A great option for students and young adults looking for a debit card account.

Enjoy the freedom of banking anywhere when you open a eChecking Account today.

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Free Checking Account

Free Checking is for those who just want a basic checking, or debit card, account. Free checking provides the convenience and flexibility of a checking account without any minimum balance requirements. You’ll also enjoy access to electronic channels, such as mobile, online and telephone banking, free of charge.

Add to this checking account's flexibility when you apply for a free MasterCard Debit Card.

And, protect yourself from overdraft fees with an Overdraft Line of Credit for your Free Checking Account. When you qualify, coverage automatically kicks in when you need it!

Free Online Banking, free Mobile Banking and free Telephone Banking are available.

Enjoy the convenience when you open a Free Checking Account today.

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Active Duty/Veterans Preferred Checking

Active Duty/Veterans Preferred Checking is a special banking package available to military personnel and their families as a small thank you for all they’ve done to protect our freedom. 

Our military customers will receive value, convenience, special discounts and peace of mind. You can be confident that you will receive the true personalized attention and service that only a community bank can offer. 

We are humbled by your willingness to sacrifice and honored to offer you this special benefit package. Click here for details!


Overdraft Protection available with any Merchants checking account

To accompany our personal checking accounts, we offer a variety of overdraft protection options.

Overdraft protection covers checking account transactions, up to an approved limit, should the covered checking account become overdrawn. Merchants Bank customers are able to select one of the following overdraft protection options, available with any Merchants checking account:

  • Personal Overdraft Line of Credit, to qualified applicants
  • Automatic Transfer from your Merchants Bank savings account*
  • Automatic transfer from a second Merchants Bank checking account
  • Automatic transfer from your Merchants Bank home equity line of credit

* Federal Law, Regulation D (204.2(d)(2)), prohibits more than six (6) automatic transfers from a savings account per calendar month. Account charges will apply if the number of transfers exceed savings account parameters.

Personal Overdraft Line of Credit for your checking account
A Merchants Bank Personal Overdraft Line of Credit is available to qualified applicants. Funds from this revolving line of credit will transfer to the overdrawn checking account, up to the approved line amount, in increments of $300. The monthly payment amount is determined by the outstanding line of credit balance. Apply Now for a Merchants Bank Personal Overdraft Line of Credit for your checking account.

Automatic Transfer from your Merchants Bank savings account or another of your Merchants Bank checking accounts

We can also set up an automatic transfer from another of your personal savings or checking accounts to cover an occasional overdraft.

Transfers from a savings or checking account will be in the amount of the overdraft, plus a nominal transfer charge. The transfer amount will be detailed on both your checking and savings account statement. All savings accounts are eligible for this service except our Kids Savers Club. Contact Us for more details or to set up an automatic transfer from a savings or checking account for overdraft protection.

Automatic Transfer from your Merchants Bank Home Equity Line of Credit
Maybe an automatic transfer from your Merchants Bank Home Equity Line of Credit makes sense for overdraft protection for your individual situation. Transfers from your Home Equity Line will be in the amount of the overdraft. Contact Us for more details or to set up an automatic transfer from your Merchants Bank Home Equity Line of Credit for overdraft protection. 


Identity Theft Insurance

We offer Deluxe Provent Identity Theft Protection as an optional benefit to any customer, whether you choose Free Checking, eChecking or a Relationship Checking Account. Take immediate steps to begin protecting your identity and financial reputation. Provent starts with a powerful, cost-effective solution — ID Protect. For an extremely low monthly fee, ID Protect includes:

  • ID Restoration: A certified Resolution Specialist will be assigned to manage your fraud or identity theft case. So whether you lose your wallet or your identity, simply call for assistance. Plus, 24/7 secure access to your personal and credit information... your virtual wallet!
  • Internet Monitoring: Ongoing searches of data and records available on the Internet to identify any known risks associated with up to 14 different consumer identity elements, such as credit card information.

But that's just the start. Deluxe Provent® also offers a host of additional services that address the entire spectrum of identity fraud sources. Ultimately, you choose the identity theft protection services that are right for you from the myriad of options available. You can configure your unique, ideal identity protection solution. You only pay for what you truly value. Enrollment is easy. Several simple steps, and you are on your way to increased peace of mind, and protection for your checking account and all your finances. Enroll here.

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