You’ve worked your entire career for your nest egg, now it’s time for your nest egg to work for you.

How We Work with Clients

Our deep understanding of our clients' day-to-day needs provides a uniquely personal approach to investing in an impersonal world. You can be confident that our Trust team works on your behalf to represent your needs and interests. We are required as a fiduciary to represent you in the market.

Interested in learning how we can help you with your financial and retirement goals? Contact our Trust team today with initial questions or to schedule an appointment.

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Our Investment Management Process

In order to give you the best chance of meeting your goals, our Trust team begins with a comprehensive wealth plan that identifies your needs, goals and resources for your retirement years. Only after you and your Trust Officer are confident in your completed plan do we begin to analyze all of our investment offerings to find the best approach for you. From here, we construct a portfolio tailored to your unique circumstances. Your portfolio will be reviewed, measured and updated for compatibility with your day-to-day lifestyle. As your needs evolve, your portfolio will continue to be assessed for optimal compatibility.

This four-step process has given clients confidence their investment management reflects their ever-changing needs.

Financial Planningtrust investment process

  • Review personal goals and objectives
  • Ensure portfolio reflects investment objective

Due Diligence

  • Quantitative review for performance standards
  • Qualitative review for sustainability of historic performance

Portfolio Construction

  • Strategic asset allocation based on goals and objectives
  • Securities selected for each asset and sub asset class
  • Fluid review for tactical underweighting and overweighting

Portfolio Monitoring

  • Report total performance
  • Rebalance and review at least quarterly
  • Review individual holdings for watch list criteria