Your community bank, helping fulfill hopes and dreams

We're here to be a trusted financial partner for you, helping you fulfill your hopes and dreams, and are committed to building strong communities together.

Local Commitment and Community Support

When the community thrives, the bank will too. As your community bank, it's our responsibility to give back to the communities we serve. In 2019:
  • Our employees volunteered more than 15,000 hours to 211 organizations.
  • Company-wide, Merchants Bank contributed to more than 500 organizations with total charitable donations of more than $595,000.00, or 2.63% of Merchants Bank’s pre-tax income.

Local Leadership

We value local decision-making and encourage our local leaders to do what's best for the specific needs of your community. Our local advisory boards, made up of local leaders from a wide range of industries, also provide meaningful feedback and strategic direction. 

Serving You

Through every interaction you have with Merchants Bank, we aim to provide exceptional experiences, including the teams and processes that support your local branch and bankers. You'll find we can help with the traditional banking services you'd expect, along with more specialized areas such as Trust and estate services, Investment services* and Correspondent mortgage lending.

Our Mission, Core Commitments and Values

Our Mission

To be the financial partner of choice, helping our customers and communities fulfill their hopes and dreams, because we’re community members too.

Core Stakeholder Commitments

  • To Customers - To build loyal and mutually rewarding customer relationships by providing consistently exceptional experiences  
  • To Employees - To create and maintain an environment that promotes and rewards contribution, accountability, initiative, teamwork, learning, professional growth, and development
  • To Our Communities -  To help make each community we serve a better place in which to live and work through financial reinvestment, engaged market leadership impact,  and the support of employee volunteer involvement
  • To Shareholders - To obtain long-term shareholder value through quality growth and financial performance in the upper quartile of our peer group

Our Values

WE are here to serve.
WE will be dependable.
WE will be fair and honest in all things.
WE will care for our employees, our customers and our shareholders.
WE value initiative, creativity and adaptivity to change.
WE will build trust; we will hold our customers’ best interests at heart.
WE will conduct ourselves with integrity.
WE will inform people and communicate with all; we will listen.
WE embrace responsibility for our performance and financial results.
WE will direct our human and material resources toward achieving common goals.
WE value teamwork and will celebrate success together.

By honoring our stakeholder commitments and living our core values, we aspire to create a trusting environment… where every diverse stakeholder can expect fair and equitable treatment, feels included, and belongs.

The Story of the Merchants Bank Rope

Merchants Bank rope icon.The Merchants Bank logo possesses a streamlined, forward and rhythmic motion to convey that Merchants Bank is a strong organization with an eye on the future. The three shapes, which together create the letter M, are interlocking and woven together giving the appearance of a rope, which implies strength and flexibility.

The three shapes which compose the M also represent characteristics inherent to Merchants Bank. Each builds off another:

  • Our employees, customers and shareholders
  • The regional, central and local aspects of our organization
  • Quality products, outstanding service and profitability
  • Volunteers, community and relationships

A rope is an amazing tool.

Its strength allows one to lift heavy loads, span great distances and tow precious cargo. Yet a rope is flexible enough to secure valuable packages with a simple knot. This tremendous strength and flexibility is made possible by the thousands of individual strands bound together for one purpose. A rope could teach us a lot about life.

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*Securities offered through Securities America, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC. Advisory services offered through Securities America Advisors, Inc. Merchants Investment Services and the Securities America Companies are not affiliated.

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