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With Merchants as your business partner, you can feel confident your business finances are running as efficiently as possible. Use Sweep/Target Balance Accounts and Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI) to help organize and manage your funds easily.

What is Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI)?

FEDI (or EDI) is the computerized exchange of payment data between your business and your customers and vendors. You can receive electronic payments along with the accompanying information you need to post and track them.

FEDI Benefits

  • Makes payment-related information easier to track. You receive the information you need for accurate posting of payments to your accounts receivable system.
  • Eliminates any technology investment and ensures compatibility with EDI formats and your customers’ systems

How does Electronic Data Interchange work?

  • We receive your payments through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network
  • Payments are processed and credited to your account
  • Information accompanying payments, such as invoice number and payer, is translated and delivered to you as a secure email
  • You don't have to be an EDI expert or invest in EDI software. We do it all for you.

Would my Business Benefit from Electronic Data Interchange?

Yes, if your business:

  • Wants to accelerate the receipt of business-to-business payments
  • Needs to offer financial EDI receipt capability, but doesn't want to make a major investment in hardware, software, and training

Sweep/Target Balance Accounts

What is a Target Balance?

A Target Balance is a specific balance you want to maintain in your business checking account.

Together, you and your banker decide what balance makes sense for your business based on your account activity to offset account service charges.

What is a Business Sweep?

A Business Sweep automatically transfers money from your checking account into an interest-bearing account or line of credit based on your parameters.

Benefits of Using a Target Balance Account with a Sweep Account:

  • Save staff time by replacing the need to monitor account balances
  • Reduce or eliminate idle balances
  • Put your available cash to use by pooling it in your general operating account or line of credit
  • Additional benefits of a Loan Sweep:
    • Save money by borrowing and paying interest on only the amount required to bring your checking account to its target balance
    • Serves as complete overdraft protection. When sweeping from your operating account to a line of credit, you’re using those excess balances to reduce your interest expense.

Would my business benefit from using a Target Balance Account?

Yes, if your business:

  • Has multiple depository or disbursement accounts
  • Wants to reduce staff time spent monitoring and transferring funds between separate accounts
  • Wants to fund an account on an “as needed” basis

Which Business can use a Loan Sweep?*

  • Any business with a revolving line of credit

Quickbooks Connect

Quickbooks Connect Benefits

  • Save time by automatically connecting your bank and Quickbooks accounts to sync transaction information
  • Helps maintain accurate information for your business accounts and tax purposes

How does Quickbooks Connect work?

Use Quickbooks Connect to automatically send bank transactions to your Quickbooks account for bank reconciliation.

Would my business benefit from Quickbooks Connect?

Yes, if your business:

  • Uses a Quickbooks account
  • Wants to reduce staff time reconciling bank account and Quickbooks information

Commercial Center Delivery

Commercial Center Delivery Benefits

  • An added layer of security to protect your business's financial information, including multi-factor identification for users and data encryption
  • More efficient way of transferring documents to Merchants Bank
  • Easily keep track of document transmission for audit purposes

How does Commercial Center Delivery work?

  • Use your business's accounting system to securely send different file to Merchants Bank, including BAI, bank reconciliation files, ACH, Positive Pay files and more
  • Receive automate alerts and confirmations when files are sent, received or approved

Would my business benefit from Commercial Center Delivery?

Yes, if your business:

  • Uses an accounting system to manage your financial accounts and data
  • Wants to simplify the process of sharing files with Merchants Bank
  • Wants a secure way to transmit financial documents

* Treasury Management services may be subject to credit approval.  Fees may apply for certain services. 

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