Estate Planning and Business Succession

Everyone needs a plan to ensure their wishes are carried out upon death or incapacity. We know that crafting the right plan begins by asking the right questions and listening to your goals, needs, and desires. Our Trust Team is here to guide you in setting up a plan that addresses your needs and achieves your goals.  

Estate Planning

We focus on making certain your wealth is preserved and passed on to the people and charities you care about.  We seek to understand, achieve and implement your goals.  When appropriate, our Trust Team can serve as a corporate fiduciary to carry out the terms and provisions of your estate plan.  A properly constructed estate plan can:

  • Provide and care for loved ones
  • Preserve and pass on your wealth
  • Ensure your wishes are fulfilled
  • Eliminate or minimize taxes
  • Protect your assets
  • Make charitable gifts

Business Succession

As a business owner, your goals and desires may become more complicated as you seek to address your business interest as part of your estate plan. We will work with you to ensure that your personal retirement goals are met while also creating a plan to address the next phase of your business.   A properly constructed business succession plan considers critical elements such as:

  • Business continuity
  • Exit strategies and options
  • Tax implications
  • Involvement of family or employees
  • Timing associated with retirement
  • Impact on your overall estate plan

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