Education Home and Family | 08.09.2022

10 Tips to Green Your Home and Save Money

News | 07.28.2022

Merchants Financial Group, Inc. Announces Earnings of $13.81 Million through Second Quarter of 2022

Community | 07.26.2022

Photo Gallery - What we've been up to this season.

News | 07.26.2022

3rd Quarter Update with CEO Greg Evans

News | 07.20.2022

Greg Evans Elected to Minnesota Bankers Association Board of Directors

Education Home and Family | 07.20.2022

6 Items for Your New Home’s To-Do List

Wealth | 07.14.2022

The 8 Myths of Estate Planning

Education Business | 07.13.2022

How to Review Your Card Processing Partnership

News | 07.07.2022

Catherine Breet Named New Human Resources Leader at Merchants Bank

Education Home and Family | 07.05.2022

To Buy or Not to Buy: 5 Questions to Consider Before Purchasing Your First Home

Education Home and Family | 06.16.2022

What, why and how: Merchants Bank Mortgage Underwriting

Wealth | 06.15.2022

I Have an Estate Plan…Now What?

Education | 06.07.2022

Social Security: The Elephant in the Room

News | 05.24.2022

A Focus on Servant Leadership - Second Quarter Update

News | 05.23.2022

Meet Our New Mortgage Experts

News | 05.18.2022

Cindy Harrison Promoted to Chief Credit Officer for Merchants Bank

Education | 05.17.2022

How the Federal Reserve Works

News | 05.12.2022

Angela Humann Promoted to Commercial Banker at Merchants Bank

News | 05.03.2022

Angie Foss Joins Merchants Bank as Mortgage Lender

News | 04.28.2022

Merchants Financial Group, Inc., Announces Q1 Earnings and Increased Dividend

Home and Family | 04.27.2022

Home Construction Loans: The Basics

Education Business | 04.26.2022

3 Factors that Put Your Business at Risk for ACH Fraud

News | 04.25.2022

Announcing Commercial Banker Promotions

News | 04.25.2022

Retiring Chief Credit Officer Mark McGrory Reflects on His Years at Merchants Bank

News | 04.23.2022

Congratulations to the I Believe Leadership Series Class of 2021-22

News | 04.22.2022

Molly Jungbauer and James Rogers III Elected to Merchants Financial Group, Inc. Boards of Directors

News | 04.22.2022

Welcome to Our New Local Advisory Board Members

News | 04.15.2022

Merchants Financial Group, Inc. Announces Stock Split to Shareholders, Elects Two New Directors

Business | 04.11.2022

Our Top 4 Reasons to use Floor Plan Financing

Education Business | 04.06.2022

Business Finance Expertise From Our CFO, Sue Savat

News | 04.04.2022

Erick Maki Joins Merchants Bank as Regional President

Wealth | 04.01.2022

Budget Check Up: Tax Time Is the Right Time

Home and Family | 03.25.2022

Your Top HELOC Questions Answered

News | 03.22.2022

Jarett Jones to Lead Merchants Bank Locations in Rochester

Wealth | 03.16.2022

Red Flags for Tax Auditors

News | 03.11.2022

Company Update from CEO Greg Evans - March 2022

Education | 03.10.2022

How to Tell if a Website is Legitimate

News | 02.11.2022

Ben Ottum Joins Merchants Bank as Mortgage Lender

Wealth | 02.08.2022

Guide to Estate Planning By Age

News | 01.27.2022

Merchants Financial Group, Inc. Announces Earnings of $28,770,000 for 2021

News | 01.19.2022

Joselyn Raymundo Named to Merchants Bank Advisory Board

Personal Finance | 01.19.2022

HSA’s Explained: How an HSA can Benefit You

News | 01.12.2022

Tom Pasch Named Market President for Merchants Bank in Red Wing

News | 01.10.2022

Andrew Guzzo Promoted to Chief Banking Officer at Merchants Bank

Wealth | 01.06.2022

Raymond L. Hansen Joins Merchants Bank as Trust Officer

News Community | 12.20.2021

10 Days of Giving Collects 272,162 Pounds for 2021

News | 12.10.2021

The I Believe Leadership Series

News | 12.08.2021

Greg Evans Appointed to American Bankers Association Government Relations Council

Education Personal Finance | 11.17.2021

Flying South, Snowbird? Make Sure Your Finances Stay Secure!

Business | 11.10.2021

Master Adaptability to Keep Your Business Viable – Expertise From Mark McGrory.

News | 10.27.2021

Merchants’ Strong Earnings Allows for Dividend Declarations

Business | 08.11.2021

3 Essential Small Business Security Practices

News | 07.28.2021

Merchants Financial Group, Inc. (MFGI) Announced Net Income of $18,157,527 Through the First Two Quarters of 2021

News | 07.13.2021

Company Update from Greg Evans, CEO: 2nd Quarter, 2021

Business | 06.17.2021

Commercial Lending: It’s About More Than Easy Money

Home and Family | 05.05.2021

What is Mortgage Pre-approval and Why Does it Matter?

News | 04.29.2021

Merchants Financial Group, Inc., Announces Dividend increase resulting from strong First Quarter Earnings

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