Disbursement Solutions

It's our goal to find solutions to help make your business finances more efficient. Take advantage of our disbursement solutions like Business Credit Cards, ACH Credit Service, Online Bill Payments, and Wire Transfers to help maximize your cash flow.

ACH Services

ACH Credit Service Benefits

  • Reduce costs associated with printing, signing, distributing, reconciling, and storing checks
  • Simplified accounting by no longer needing to maintain idle balances or a separate payroll account
  • Eliminate the possibility of lost, delayed, stolen, or forged checks
  • Increase employee productivity since employees no longer need to leave work to deposit checks
  • Provide a service many employees and vendors have come to expect

How does ACH Credit Service work?

  • Prepare your ACH file and submit either via Commercial Online Banking or Commercial Center Delivery.

Would my business benefit from ACH Credit Service?

Yes, if your business:

  • Wants to streamline payroll or vendor payments and reduce exposure to check fraud
  • Want to eliminate costs associated with maintaining and reconciling a separate payroll account
  • Has employees who travel frequently and/or go to the bank on company time to deposit their paychecks
  • Seeks quicker settlement of payments to other businesses

Integrated Payables

Integrated Payables Benefits

  • Improve efficiencies by sending one Accounts Payable file for multiple items
  • Possible rebates for Virtual Card spending

How does Integrated Payables work?

  • The Integrated Payables platform takes information from your Accounts Payable system and  automatically processes different kinds of payments (checks, ACH, card transactions and more)
  • You can ask your vendors to enroll and provide their information to easily make or collect payments

Would my business benefit from Integrated Payables?

Yes, if your business:

  • Wants to streamline payments and reduce exposure to check fraud
  • Seeks quicker settlement of payments to other businesses

Online Bill Payments

Pay bills through your Commercial Online Banking without having to write a check. 

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers allow you to send or receive money from anywhere in the world through an electronic transfer of funds. Both individuals and businesses can send a wire transfer and funds are available the same day if sent from a domestic bank. Because a wire transfer is an electronic transfer of funds, funds sent are considered “collected” and are available immediately upon receipt.

Can I send and receive wire transfers for my business?

We are dedicated to helping your business run smoothly and efficiently. That's why we offer a variety of ways for your business to send and receive wire transfers including: 

How do I receive a wire transfer?

To receive a domestic wire transfer, provide the sender’s financial institution with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your account number
  • Merchants Bank’s routing number: 091900193
  • Merchants Bank’s wire processing address:
    Merchants Bank, NA
    102 East Third Street
    Winona, MN 55987
  • Merchants Bank’s phone number: (800) 944-6285

To receive an international wire transfer, provide all of the information requested above, plus the Merchants Bank SWIFT Code: MENTUS44.

How do I send a wire transfer personally?
You can send a wire transfer by coming to the bank in person or calling us on the phone at (507) 457-1170. A wire transfer agreement must be filled out in order to complete a transfer. An agreement can be obtained from our Wires Department.

Merchants’ Treasury Management team has been working with us on ways to improve our business and it’s an ongoing process. Their expertise is a valuable resource for us.

Mike Jensen

President/CEO, Gauthier Industries

Treasury Management services may be subject to credit approval.  Fees may apply for certain services. Bill payments after the first 20 bills are $.40 each. 

Business Checking

Meet the day-to-day money management needs of your business with one of our checking options.

Business Loans

From traditional financing to specialized programs, we have business loans to meet your unique needs.

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