Gift Cards and Travel Cards

Purchase at any Merchants Bank location.

Gift Card Features

  • $3.50 nominal fee per card, reduced for customers with a Merchants Bank Relationship Checking Account or Military Banking Account.
  • One size fits all, easy to mail and fits any age.
  • Available in even dollar amounts between $10-$1,000.
  • Track your card balance any time.
  • Provides a secure way to make online purchases instead of using a debit or credit card.
  • Cards cannot be used internationally.
  • Available for purchase at all of our locations.

Travel Card Features

  • Ready to be used instantly.
  • $9.95 purchase fee per card. Foreign transaction and ATM fees may apply.
  • Accepted worldwide, anywhere Visa® or Mastercard® debit cards are accepted. View terms and conditions.
  • Available in even dollar amounts between $100-$5,000.
  • Option to link a secondary card to the same account – perfect for couples and families!
  • Add money to your card by using direct deposit, visiting any Merchants Bank location or with cash at participating locations.
  • Available for purchase at all of our locations.

Lost or Stolen Gift or Travel Card

If your gift or travel card is lost or stolen, or you want to check the card’s account balance, you can call (855) 887-1835, visit the Your Card Now website, or contact us.

Gift and Travel Card Fees

Card TypeCustomerRelationship Checking Account CustomerBusiness Customer
Gift Card$3.50$1.75$3.00 (orders of 25+)
Travel Card$9.95
Travel Card Reload$2.00


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