Our Process

It’s simple: financial planning should start with you. The first step is a conversation where we get to know you, your current financial picture, and your future goals, hopes and dreams.

Step 1: Learning about you.

We begin by asking questions to get to know you and your financial objectives, such as: 

  • What would you like to accomplish from working with a financial advisor? 
  • If you could develop, improve, or change your situation or financial plan in any area, what would it be? 
  • How confident are you that you’re in a position to meet your financial goals personally or for your business? 
  • What needs to happen over the next few years in order for you to feel that our relationship has been successful? 

Step 2: How we’ll work together. 

Communicating openly about the type of investment partnership you’re seeking for yourself or your business is critical to both your success and ours.  

It’s also important to understand your expectations of us and how we will work together after your financial plan has been developed – whether it be in-person meetings, regular phone calls, emails or all of the above.  

Step 3: Providing options to pursue your goals.

While we offer a variety of products and strategies, we know they are not one-size-fits-all. Through our broker dealer, Osaic Wealth, we have access to top investment providers with a history of integrity, stewardship and quality products. We’ll help you select the investment provider and offerings that align with your financial interests, goals and specific situation.  

Step 4: Together, we create a plan. 

With your input, we decide on a path for the future, which could include all or some of these options. 

  • Creating a comprehensive financial plan
  • Creating a financial plan to address a specific goal, such as answering questions like, “when can I retire,” or “how do I best save for my child’s education?”. 
  • Implementing a specific strategy, such as investing in an IRA, creating a retirement plan for your employees or purchasing insurance. 

Step 5: Evaluate progress and update your plan. 

Your financial needs will continue to evolve, and we’ll be there every step of the way to help make sure you’re on track. As the goals we defined in your plan are met or goals change based on where life takes you, we’ll discuss new goals and adjust the plan as needed to pursue them. 

At a minimum, we recommend checking in once a year to review and discuss your financial situation.  

We want to help you or your business fulfill your hopes and dreams. Let’s get started. 

Financial Planning

Create a financial plan that aligns with your personal values, beliefs and purpose.

Small Business Retirement Plans

Plan for the future of your employees and your company with a plan to meet your needs today and for generations to come.


As your dedicated financial partner, we offer Wealth Management resources to help you plan for the future. Put our expertise to work for you. 

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