A Business Partner for Growth and Profitability

At Merchants Bank Equipment Finance, we’re here to be your business partner, providing helpful commercial equipment finance solutions. We’ll work to understand your goals and become an ongoing part of the growth and profitability of your business. 

Based in Minneapolis, Merchants Bank Equipment Finance provides equipment finance options to businesses located throughout the U.S. We generally finance tangible assets over terms of two to seven years, on equipment with values ranging from $50,000 to over $10 million. We are proud to be recognized as a top 100+ company by the Monitor Daily in 2023.

Common industries we serve:  

  • Construction 
  • Food and Agriculture 
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing 
  • Municipal 
  • Material Handling
  • Office Equipment
  • Healthcare 

Equipment Finance Benefits

Depending on your situation, you may benefit from: 

  • Up to 100% financing
  • Options include the ability to pay for the use of the equipment instead of the ownership of the equipment
  • Improved cash flow forecasting and budgeting
  • Opportunity to standardize equipment replacement cycles
  • Reduced maintenance costs through regular equipment replacement cycle
  • Convenient and flexible payment cycle structure
  • Potential tax advantages

We’ll bring industry knowledge to the table, so you can make an informed decision about the best long-term financing solution for you. If it’s a better fit for your business strategy, we can leverage the strength and stability of our Bank to offer other traditional financing options. 

Subject to credit approval. Consult your tax advisor to determine any tax benefits of lease financing or visit www.irs.gov.

Who can I contact if I am interested in moving forward with a loan or lease through Merchants Bank Equipment Finance?

Fill out our contact form and we’ll follow up with you shortly.

When and how will I receive my invoice?

Invoices will be mailed 17-21 days prior to the payment due date. To keep your information secure, invoices cannot be sent via email even if you make payments via ACH.

How can I find the principal and interest balance for my loan(s)?

Please refer to the interest paid statement(s) you received in January or call us at (866) 539-3698.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can make payments via check, ACH or wire transfer. Call us at (866) 539-3698 if you have any questions.

What is personal property tax (PPT) and why am I being charged the tax amount?

PPT is a form of taxation on what is termed personal property, which is defined as any moveable property not permanently attached to a building. Requirements vary from state to state and are taxed annually in arrears.

What is the difference between sales tax and PPT?

Sales tax is collected at the point of sale. PPT is an annual tax, which is based on the current value of the property.

What is the difference between property tax and PPT?

The term property refers to real estate taxes paid on a home or property. PPT refers to items that are moveable.

As an existing customer I have not received a PPT invoice in the past. Why did I receive one this year and not previously?

In January 2020 Merchants Bank Equipment Finance (MBEF) made a business decision to file PPT in all jurisdictions to ensure compliance for our customers and business.

Will I receive a separate paper invoice for PPT?


If I am set up for Direct Debit for regular payments due, will PPT be treated the same way?


When is my PPT payment due or, if paid electronically, what is the time period before a direct debit is pulled?

The due date will be reflected on the invoice.

Will I receive detailed information pertaining to what property has been reported?

Yes, details will be reflected on the invoice.

Does MBEF remit payment prior to billing my account?

Yes, MBEF pays the PPT prior to invoicing the customer.

What if my business is exempt from paying PPT, or I have already paid it?

Please contact customer service.

Can I pay the PPT direct, or can I opt-out of MBEF paying the tax?

Not at this time.

What happens if my contract ends in the middle of the year, will I be billed the following year since PPT is paid in arrears? 


Who do I contact with questions regarding personal property taxes?

Please contact customer service at (866) 539-3698, or email us at mbefppt@merchantsbank.com

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