Home Construction Loans

Financing to build the home of your dreams with a 5% down construction loan.

Build Your Home with 5% Down

What is a construction loan? A home construction loan provides financing for the building of a new home, or the renovation of an existing property. Construction loans are short-term and often converted to permanent financing* at the end of the construction period.

95% Loan-to-Value Construction Loan Financing Programs. As Little Down as %5.

As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5% down - We can help you get there with our low down payment construction loan:

  1. Apply for pre-approval. Here's some helpful information to have ready at the time of application:
    • W2’s and federal tax return for the past 2 years
    • Most recent paycheck stub covering last 30 days
    • 2 most current months account statement for bank and investment accounts (all pages)
    • Recent 401k or retirement statement
    • Driver’s license or photo ID
  2. Choose a builder, a lot, and a housing plan. 
  3. Once your plans and specifications are received from the builder, an appraisal can be ordered. After the appraisal is received, your loan package will be submitted for approval. 
  4. Construction to permanent loan conversion may allow for reduced fees on permanent financing with local servicing. When the home is complete, the appraiser performs a final inspection and that, along with updated income and asset documentation, is submitted to underwriting for approval on the construction loan conversion to make the loan permanent. If approved, you close on your home and move in.
  5. With as little as 5% down.

Understand the full process of construction to permanent financing.

Easy Choice for Our Construction Loan

I love going up to our cabin…and you guys made building it possible, which is the best! Working with Merchants was a great experience.

Erin Liva, Construction Loan Customer

How is a construction loan different from a traditional mortgage loan?

A construction loan is short-term, it exists for the duration of the construction period. A traditional mortgage loan is much longer in duration, often for terms of many years.

Why is there a construction loan and a permanent loan phase of a home construction loan? Is that a benefit to me as a homeowner?

Yes, it is a benefit to you. The construction loan is structured differently than a traditional mortgage. The builder will typically take draws (payments) throughout the construction phase. During the construction process, you will only be charged monthly interest payments on the amount of the loan advanced. At completion, the loan may be converted into a permanent loan. Escrows will also be set up at that time for your property taxes and homeowners insurance.

Ready to start the construction loan process? Our local mortgage lenders are here to help. We're happy to answer your questions and educate you on construction loan options. Share your home goals with us today.

All mortgage loans are subject to credit approval.

* Construction and permanent financing are subject to separate credit approval. Terms and conditions may vary. 5% cash required from buyer.

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