Savings Accounts

At Merchants, we believe everyone should be able to save with their hopes and dreams in mind. That's why our savings accounts were designed with conveniences for every lifestyle in mind.  

Diamond Money Market

We understand you work hard for your money. That's why we created the Diamond Money Market, to help you earn more when you save more.

CDs & IRAs

Start on the path to secure your financial future today! A Certificate of Deposit (CD) can help you meet your longer-term savings goals and an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) may be an important part of your retirement savings plan. 

Health Savings Account (HSA)

As your partner in financial wellness, we're here to help you prepare for any expense, expected or not. Save for future medical expenses with an HSA. This account offers the return of a savings account with all the convenience of a checking account with a qualified medical plan.

Compare Savings Accounts

Diamond Money MarketAdvantage SavingsBasic Savings
Minimum Opening Deposit and Daily Balance to Avoid Fee$5,000$1,000$50
Fee, if Minimum not Maintained$10 monthly$8 quarterly$8 quarterly
Withdrawal Limit6 per month12 per quarter12 per quarter
Fee per Withdrawal Over Limit$10$2$2
Earns Interest
Fee Free Cash at ATMs
Online & Mobile Banking
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