Collection Solutions

As an invested partner in your business, we offer Cash Concentration, Direct Debit, Credit Card Processing and Deposit on Demand services to help your business manage funds more efficiently. You can focus on what matters most for your business and leave the rest to us.

ACH Services

Cash Concentration Benefits

  • Eliminate or reduce idle balances in outlying accounts; may also be used in conjunction with a Loan Sweep to minimize interest expense
  • Pooled cash maximizes overnight investment opportunities and reduces the need for short-term borrowing
  • No more waiting for mail processing and float delays
  • Save money by using lower-cost ACH transactions instead of wire transfers

How does Cash Concentration work?

  • Initiate using Commercial Online Banking. ACH transactions are created that automatically debit your outlying accounts and move the funds to your Merchants Cash Concentration account.
  • Funds in the main checking account are available for use
  • Print detailed reporting

Would my business benefit from Cash Concentration?

Yes, if you:

  • Have multiple locations, subsidiaries, branches, or lockbox locations depositing to accounts at multiple banks
  • Are interested in increasing control over your cash resources
  • Use available cash for overnight investment or daily loan pay down

Direct Debit Benefits

  • Reduce the costs of collecting, depositing and reconciling checks
  • Faster funds availability compared to traditional deposits
  • Forecast cash flow more accurately
  • Eliminates the possibility of lost, delayed, stolen or forged checks
  • Increase customer retention as customers who set up electronic payments are less likely to move their business from you
  • Provide service many customers have come to expect

How does Direct Debit work?

  • You receive authorization from your customers to collect their payments using direct debit
  • You create a file through ACH software or Commercial Online Banking
  • ACH files are processed based on your instructions
  • Your customer’s payment is withdrawn from their account at the opening of the business day, as authorized
  • Your account is credited for the total file amount and is immediately available as cash

Would my business benefit from Direct Debit?

Yes, if your business:

  • Wants to streamline the receivables function and reduce paperwork
  • Wants to eliminate costs associated with collecting and depositing customer payments
  • Has recurring monthly payments from the same customers

Commercial Center Delivery

Securely transmit files between your business and Merchants Bank.

Deposit on Demand/Remote Deposit Capture Benefits

  • Make deposits without going to the Bank on your schedule
  • Choose from desktop or mobile option

How does Deposit on Demand work?

  • Using your check scanner or mobile phone, paper checks are converted to images and electronically transmitted to the Bank
  • Your business can access past check images and view reports
  • Deposit faster with character and legal amount recognition to reduce hand keying

Would my business benefit from Deposit on Demand?

Yes, if your business:

  • Doesn’t handle a lot of cash
  • Is geographically challenged (not located near our Bank locations)
  • Has few personnel available to take deposits to the Bank
  • Receives checks throughout the day and would like to make multiple deposits without multiple trips to the Bank
  • Has higher receivable volume and wants to add efficiency to the deposit process

Treasury Management services may be subject to credit approval.  Fees may apply for certain services. 

Business Checking

Meet the day-to-day money management needs of your business with one of our checking options.

Business Loans

From traditional financing to specialized programs, we have business loans to meet your unique needs.

Credit Card Processing

We make processing and accepting credit card, debit card and gift card payments easy and efficient for your business.

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