Businesses of all sizes can benefit from the ease and versatility of accepting credit or debit cards anytime, anywhere you choose. Being able to accept major credit and debit cards is expected by most of your customers and may even help your business get paid faster.

credit and debit card readers

Accepting Payments

Merchants Bank offers a variety of options for collecting payments including counter-top card readers, website interfaces and mobile card readers. All of our terminals are capable of accepting payments from EMV chip cards. We can help you select the option(s) that are best for your business. Once a payment option is in place:

  1. Your custom er presents you with a Visa, MasterCard and Discover debit or credit card. 
  2. The transaction request is approved or denied almost immediately and a response is sent back to you. 
  3. Funds are de posited into your Merchants Bank business checking account. 
Pricing Structure

We understand that each business is unique and deserves a card processing pricing structure that makes sense for your business. Our pricing structure takes into account the following factors:

  • Monthly Service Charge: $9.95 for DialPay and $14.95 for all other payment collection options.
  • Equipment Costs: Vary depending on your needs.
  • Discount Fees: Based on the average dollar amount of your customer transactions (which is your average ticket size).

We promise to work with you to keep your costs as low as possible and customize Card Processing to fit your individual business needs.

To get started with Merchant Bank Card Processing, contact your local Merchants Bank.