Our goal is to provide the highest level of security to ensure a secure banking environment for your business and financial information. One critical component is providing multiple layers of security and we recommend yet another layer of security called out-of-band-authentication (OOBA).

When taking advantage of this security level, businesses will be required to enter a One Time Security Code to authenticate certain online transactions, such as submission of ACH files.

What is One Time Security Code?

One Time Security Code is a time sensitive, random 6-digit number that can only be used once. When you perform specific types of transactions, such as submission of ACH files, a One Time Security Code will be required to complete the transaction.

How can you receive the Security Code?

You may request the Security Code be delivered in the following ways:

  • An automated voice call back
  • SMS text message
  • Email

After receiving the Security Code, you must enter it into your Online Banking page before the transaction can be completed. The transaction will be completed only if the Code is correct.

If you begin using ACH transactions, our Treasury Management teams will contact your business to help you enroll in One Time Security Code.