Having a trusted relationship with a local Banker is vital to helping small businesses succeed, which is why each Merchants Bank location has dedicated Commercial Bankers. 

Our team will take the time to learn about your business and then help you find the best financing solution. Our experienced Commercial Bankers can help you answer questions about small business loan rates, terms, fees and more. Fill out our form to get in touch.

We offer:

  • Small Business Administration Loans (SBA loans) are loan programs offered and administered through the Small Business Administration and financed through Merchants Bank, an SBA preferred lender. Small Business Loan programs include:
    - 7(a) Loan Program – The most common general small business loan offered by the SBA. This loan program is ideal for business start-up, business acquisition or business expansion efforts.
    - Microloan Program – Small, short-term small business loans.
    - 504 Loan Program or Real Estate & Equipment Loans – Loans for commercial real estate and equipment acquisition. This program allows for smaller down payments by business when compared to conventional bank loans. Merchants Bank partners with the Community Development Corporation (CDC) to ease the involvement required by busy business owners. It also offers long-term fixed rates on a portion of the debt.
    - Disaster Loans – Low interest loans to repair or replace items damaged in a disaster.

  • Ag Loans provide financing for your farming operation (including working capital and input costs), equipment, capital improvements and more. Merchants Bank is a Farm Service Agency (FSA) Preferred Lender and a designated AgBMP Loan Program Lender.

  • Term Business Loans are one of the most common types of business loans and offer a set repayment date, certain number of payments and fixed or variable interest rate.

  • Commercial Real Estate Loans are typically used for:
    - Acquisition, refinance and construction.
    - Owner-occupied and investment property.
    - Many property types including office, warehouse, manufacturing, retail, multi-family, dealerships, healthcare and more.
    - All phases of commercial real estate development projects.

  • Lines of Credit are a flexible source of funds to help you manage your day-to-day working capital needs or quickly capitalize on an opportunity.

  • Fleet/Truck Loans provide rolling stock financing for your truck and fleet operation.

  • Lease Financing through Merchants Bank Equipment Finance

Unsure about which financing option is best for your business? As an SBA Preferred Lender, Merchants Bank has experience helping businesses choose between SBA, traditional commercial loans and commercial lease financing programs

Fill out our form to get in touch with a Commercial Banker to schedule a free, no obligation review of your business and what business loan solutions may be right for you.

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