Use our fraud management tools to protect your business accounts from possible fraudulent transactions and only accept the payments you authorize. With Positive Pay and/or ACH Blocks and Filters, you’ll add another layer of security to keep your financial accounts and information safe.

Positive Pay

Businesses of all sizes, regardless of check volume, can benefit from the added layer of security provided through Positive Pay. If your business wants the assurance of knowing only approved checks will post to your account, this tool is for you.

How does Positive Pay Work?

With this Treasury Management tool, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that only checks matching your issued check file are automatically paid. All other checks presented for payment must receive authorization or may be rejected by your business to prevent check fraud.

Benefits of Positive Pay

  • Minimize the risk of fraudulent checks posting to your account
  • Another lay of security to help protect your business

ACH Blocks and Filters

While fraud scams - including ACH fraud and check fraud - continue to make headlines every week, it may feel like there’s nothing you can do to protect your business checking account. But with Merchants Bank’s ACH (Automated Clearing House) Block and Filter services, you’ll find an affordable way to ensure your business checking account isn’t used for unauthorized ACH transactions.

What is an ACH Block?

With an ACH Block, you will have the ability to prohibit, or block, all ACH debits and/or credits from posting to your company accounts to prevent ACH fraud. You may also have heard this service referred to as ACH Debit Blocks.

What is an ACH Filter?

With an ACH Filter, you will have the control to allow certain ACH debits/and or credits to post to your account, while at the same time excluding other debits and/or credits from posting.

How do ACH Blocks and Filters work?

You let us know which ACH transactions should be allowed to post to your company’s checking account and the block or filter will be set up based on your parameters.

Benefits of ACH Blocks and Filters

  • Saves time, money and reduces the risk of fraud
  • No more worry about having to manage unauthorized transactions that have posted to your company’s checking account
  • You control the list of permitted ACH transactions to your company’s checking account

To get started, contact a Treasury Management Sales Officer to learn more.