With Same Day Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, you can easily send ACH files meeting certain requirements today and have those payments credited today. 

A NACHA ruling requires all financial institutions to receive and process ACH credit and debit files of $25,000 or less per transaction same day.

How does Same Day ACH Work?

Initiating a Same Day ACH file and accessing detailed reporting of your ACH activity is easy.

  • Log in to your Merchants Bank Commercial Online Banking account.
  • Prepare and send a Same Day ACH file. 
  • Credit and debit files meeting the $25,000 per transaction requirement can be automatically processed same day if received by the bank before 1:00 p.m. 
  • Accounts receiving your credit should see funds posted the same day.

Benefits of Same Day ACH

  • Enhance cash flow by sending and receiving Same Day ACH 
  • Quickly process payments with a tight deadline 
  • Payment to payment-related information may flow more rapidly from bank to bank saving you time

Which businesses should use Same Day ACH?

Your business would benefit from Same Day ACH if you: 

  • Need to meet short or missed deadlines for payroll processing
  • Seek quicker settlement of payments to other businesses

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