Merchants Bank Treasury Management services provide your business with tools to manage your corporate cash efficiently and protect your financial accounts from fraud.

Treasury Management Tools & Services

Our Treasury Management (also known as cash management) offerings are listed in three categories. Click on a specific category for more information:
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Tools for Collection

Looking for ways to make collecting payments and making deposits easier for your business? Our treasury management collection tools provide simple solutions to save your business valuable time and money:
  • Cash Concentration electronically brings cash from multiple accounts and banks, outside of Merchants Bank, together into a central account.
    Learn More: Cash Concentration

  • Direct Debit uses the ACH (Automated Clearing House) system to collect payments electronically from your customers’ bank accounts and automatically deposits the funds into your business account. Save time by eliminating the need to process paper checks.
    Learn More: Direct Debit

  • Deposit on Demand deposits checks into your bank account through a check scanning machine you have on site at your business. Simply run your customer checks through the scanner and have the checks automatically deposited into your business checking account. No more running to the bank to make your deposits.
    Learn More: Deposit on Demand

  • Card Processing allows your business to accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express debit, credit and gift cards.
    Learn More: Card Processing

Tools for Disbursement

From paying your employees and vendors to cash liquidity, we offer solutions to maximize your cash flow and make your business more efficient:
  • Direct Deposit of payroll is the electronic transfer and deposit of employees’ net pay to their bank accounts anywhere in the U.S. through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.
    Learn More: Direct Deposit

  • Online Bill Payments pay bills through your Commercial Online Banking without having to write a check. Simply enter the payee information, payment amount and date and the payment is sent.
    Learn More: Commercial Online Banking

  • Wire Transfers allow your business to send or receive money from anywhere in the world through an electronic transfer of funds. With SWIFT, international incoming wires are delivered quickly and efficiently.
    Learn More: Wire Transfers

Tools for Security & Management

Protect and effectively manage your business assets with our tools for security and management. From online access to your bank accounts, to fraud detection and prevention, we offer solutions to make business banking easy and secure:
  • Commercial Online & Mobile Banking helps you monitor and manage your business accounts, view check images and transactions, transfer funds, make payments, create ACH transactions and more. Access rights to specific accounts and information can be set up by employee.
    Learn More: Commercial Online & Mobile Banking

  • Small Business Online & Mobile Banking helps you monitor and manage your business accounts, transfer funds, make payments and more. Access rights to specific accounts and information can be set up by employee.
    Learn More: Small Business Online & Mobile Banking

  • Positive Pay helps you detect fraudulent checks that are presented on your business account. Only checks that match the issued check file provided to the Bank, are automatically paid. All other checks presentation for payment must receive authorization or may be rejected by you.
    Learn More: Positive Pay

  • ACH Blocks and Filters ensure your business account isn’t used for unauthorized ACH transactions. You will be able to block all ACH debits and/or credits from posting to your company accounts or set parameters that allow certain ACH debits/and or credits to post to your account, while at the same time excluding other debits and/or credits.
    Learn More: ACH Blocks and Filters

  • Financial Electronic Data Interchange (FEDI) Reporting allows access to information that may be included with incoming ACH payments. Accompanying information may include invoice numbers and payor, which can then be used to assist with posting and tracking received payments.
    Learn More: Financial Electronic Data Interchange

  • Sweep/Target Balance Accounts help you manage your funds in the most efficient way possible, without having to manually request transfers. Funds are swept between designated accounts based on parameters you set. Sweeps can also be used to transfer money to or from a line of credit.
    Learn more: Sweep/Target Balance Accounts

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