The most important thing about your financial plan is you. Our Financial Advisors understand that each person, couple or family has different financial goals aligned with their personal values, beliefs and purpose. We believe that a financial plan and clearly defined expectations come first, then the investment product or solution. We’ll take the time to listen and create a plan that’s right for you.

We follow a clearly defined process for identifying needs and creating effective financial plans. While financial planning can cover many different aspects, your financial plan may or may not include the following areas:

  • Retirement Planning – We help answer the question, “When can I retire?” Whether you’re starting your first job or near retirement, having a plan is crucial. We can help project your income, expenses and other needs during retirement and then create a plan based around those needs.

  • Investments – Our approach to investing is based on your financial plan. We help you identify a rate of return that you need to accomplish your goals, and then discuss and recommend investment solutions that give you the best odds of success at reaching those goals. 

  • Estate Planning – Our estate planning process is designed to help you leave the legacy you desire by helping you maintain control of your estate after you’ve passed. We help you identify goals and find solutions to best compliment those goals. Our Advisors and Consultants will even work with your tax professional, if you wish, to ensure that your plan is tax sensitive and effective.

  • College Savings Planning – If you are planning to save for future educational expenses, our Financial Advisors and Consultants can help you determine what type of account and method will benefit you and your family the most. Whether it’s a 529 Plan (in-state or out-of-state), an UTMA, Educational IRA, Cash Value Life Insurance, tapping Roth IRAs or coordinating student loans, we can help you determine the best route. 

  • Insurance Risk Management – Protect your family’s future through one of our insurance offerings.

  • Employee Benefit Planning - We can help you answer questions regarding how much employer life insurance to carry, how to sign up for your 401(k) plan, or how to maximize your health insurance and Health Savings Account benefits, if you're unsure.

  • Income Tax Planning – Our Financial Advisors and Consultants can help identify methods to potentially reduce your overall income tax burden and, if you wish, will consult with your tax professional to help coordinate your overall tax plan. While we do not give specific tax advice, we always recommend you consult with your tax advisor.

  • Cash Flow Planning and Analysis - Understanding money coming in and money going out, while you are working and in retirement, can shed light on your overall financial situation and help us provide advice on solutions to maximize your cash flow. 

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