Not sure what to bring to your first meeting with your Financial Advisor or Consultant? Our free financial planning checklist makes it easy to feel prepared. 

Below is a list of documents we will ask you to provide to your Financial Advisor or Consultant. These will be used to tailor a financial plan to meet your life goals and will allow your Financial Advisor or Consultant to analyze your personal situation. Please provide your most recent statements.

Retirement Planning Statements

  • IRA or Roth IRA, 401(k), 403(b), TSA, Keogh statements 
  • Employee benefits program (employee benefit handbook or summary) 
  • Deferred compensation and stock option agreements 
  • Pension and profit sharing statements

Tax Planning Documents

  • Tax returns for last year
  • W-2 and a recent pay-stub 
  • Estimated taxes

Financial Documents

  • Bank account statements (checking, savings, CD, etc) 
  • Mutual fund statements 
  • Brokerage account statements 
  • Investment documents 
  • Loan documents 
  • List of stocks held outside of brokerages 
  • Partnership agreements

Asset Protection Documents

  • Life insurance policies and statements 
  • Medical, homeowners and auto insurance policies and statements 
  • Disability, umbrella and long-term care insurance policies 
  • Annuity policies and statements

Estate Planning Documents

  • Summary of your will, living will, durable powers of attorney and health care power of attorney
  • Living trusts

Additional Documents for Small Business Owners

  • Business agreements 
  • Business liability, director and officer insurance policies 
  • List of business assets 
  • List of business liabilities

We also offer additional Investment Services for business owners. See how we can help your business.

Our Financial Advisors and Consultants are available to put together a comprehensive financial plan, review your existing plan and suggest strategic changes and more. 

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