Insurance is an important part of any financial plan, and while there are many insurance options and coverage amounts available, it all comes down to you and what is right for you and your family. We can help you determine if you have an insurance need, and if so, make recommendations regarding the type of insurance and coverage amount.

Being independent, we can shop the insurance market to find the best, most cost effective insurance company to fit your needs. Our insurance options include: 

  • Life Insurance can provide for a surviving spouse or family in the event of an early passing. Many people look to cover lost income, mortgage or debt payments, college costs, or to plan for family legacy goals through estate planning. Life insurance can also be used to maximize pension payouts for a retiree. In addition, business owners can use life insurance products to fund buy/sell agreements, place “key-person” insurance, or to fund another type of deferred compensation agreement. 
  • Disability Insurance can insure your most valuable asset; your ability to earn a paycheck. Disability insurance provides income replacement at the exact moment it's needed most. 
  • Long-Term Care Needs come in several forms. Long-term care insurance is typically designed to help a loved one get the care they need at home or in a facility. Additional options include asset based long-term care insurance, or benefits attached to life insurance policies or annuities, and traditional long-term care insurance policies.

To learn more about our insurance offerings, contact a Financial Advisor or Consultant today.

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