What happens to my mortgage loan at Merchants after I close?

Can I change my payment due date?

Can I make partial payments on my mortgage by making a payment twice per month?

Can you help me figure out how to pay off my loan early?

During tax season, what kind of information can you provide about my loan?

I received my property tax bill in the mail from the county. If I’m escrowing, what should I do with this bill?

I received loan coupons that are not in a booklet format...does this replace my coupon book?

I think my loan payment was late. When will I be assessed a late fee?

My loan payment is scheduled to pull electronically after the due date each month, so why am I receiving a past due reminder?

My monthly mortgage payment is set up for electronic payment. Can I opt-out of receiving the monthly billing statement or choose to receive the statement electronically?

What happens to the extra money I send to the bank when I round up my mortgage payment?

I have paid off my loan, but still received a final escrow statement that indicates a balance. Why?

What process should I follow if I have property damage and need assistance with a claim?

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