Endowment Fund Management for Your Organization

Every dollar is a gift in an endowment fund, especially when our Trust team works with charities to manage funds that are meant to serve generations. We can help you align the mission of your organization and the management of your endowment funds to maximize the impact of your dollars. 

To provide a clear direction for the management of your fund, our team first focuses on reviewing and fine-tuning the Investment Policy Statement. This statement is a controlling document for how the funds in your endowment are to be invested and should reflect the unique mission of your organization.

Once this document is drafted, we construct your organization’s portfolio designed to help accomplish your objectives. We measure and report the performance of your funds, review your objectives and implement changes as needed to make certain your portfolios are always consistent with your organization’s mission.

Structure Your Individual Donation for Efficiency

In addition, we also serve as a resource for your planned giving, development or advancement staff. Our Trust Officers can help individual donors identify the most effective charitable trust or gift structure to accomplish retirement and charitable goals.

We look forward to helping your organization implement a strategic and thoughtful approach to endowment fund management.