Our Trust team can help you create an estate plan that documents your wishes after you are gone. Through an estate plan, we focus on making certain your assets are passed on to the people and charities you care about most. A properly constructed estate plan can:

  • Care for loved ones,
  • Make charitable gifts,
  • Limit taxes and, 
  • Leave a legacy that honors your family.

The first step in estate planning is articulating your goals and priorities for your legacy. Once we have helped you create a plan and answered key questions, your family attorney can draft documents to help accomplish the goals outlined in your plan. If appropriate, our Trust Officers can serve as Trustee in your documents.

Since family dynamics evolve, laws are fluid and the economy is ever changing, we review our clients estate plans regularly to make sure the stated goals can still be accomplished. With our help, the typical headaches of a difficult estate can be turned into to a legacy of caring, charity and a smooth transition of assets across generations.

To create your estate plan today, contact our Trust team.

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