Meet our team of local Trust experts who partner with people just like you to help create and coordinate financial plans to meet your financial goals. For more information about each Trust Officer, click on the “get to know you” button.

Masood Dehnavifar, Trust Department Manager Masood Dehnavifar, J.D.

Trust Department Manager

(507) 457-1156
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Martin Oines, Trust OfficerMartin Oines, CFP®, CTFA

Trust Officer

(507) 457-1151
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Amy Gutierrez, Trust Administrative SpecialistAmy Gutierrez, J.D.

Trust and Estate Specialist

(507) 457-1158
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Chris Kreisel, Trust AssociateChris Kreisel, CRSP, CMFC® 

Trust Associate / Benefit Plan Specialist

(507) 457-1151
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Chris Livingston, Trust AssociateChris Livingston 

Trust Associate

(507) 457-1151
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Rebecca Decker, Trust Operations AssistantRebecca Decker 

Trust Operations Assistant

(507) 457-1151
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Debbie Smith, Trust Administrative AssistantDebbie Smith 

Trust Administrative Assistant

(507) 457-1151
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