The Merchants Bank Trust team provides first-class financial and investment management services for our nonprofit clients. We work to achieve your organization’s investment goals while maintaining cash flow needs. Through strategic partnerships, we provide rich investment expertise and sophisticated investment solutions within the framework of a strong, flexible, and service-oriented community bank.

Equipped with the requisite analytical and portfolio management technology, our experts efficiently manage risk while capturing appropriate returns in line with your organization’s investment policies. We create customized investment solutions and make recommendations on portfolio structure, asset allocation and investment types. Our investment process is a continuous cycle where we actively monitor and manage portfolios. We provide constant and timely evaluation and feedback to ensure your organization’s investment portfolio is consistently in line with its purpose and criteria for investing.

Our Investment Perspective

We utilize a highly disciplined, fundamentally based, and risk-aware approach in managing portfolios for our clients. Our investment philosophy is rooted in four primary tenets:

Preservation of Capital During Difficult Markets

We believe preserving investment value in difficult markets is equally as important as generating strong returns in rising markets.

Investment Decisions Based Primarily on Strong Fundamentals

Our investment decisions are based upon the underlying fundamentals of the security.

Long-Term View of the Markets

We believe markets generate short-term noise that often distracts investors from making sound investment decisions. We continually filter through the distractions and focus on the longer-term opportunity present in specific portfolio holdings.

Risk-Aware Portfolio Construction

We actively monitor portfolio risk relative to benchmark and client objectives. Through the use of portfolio-based factors, name limitations, sector weight constraints, portfolio characteristics and analytical tools, we are able to effectively balance the level of conviction surrounding an investment.

Here to Serve You So You Can Serve Others

We know nonprofit and charitable organizations must be financially strong to carry out their mission to help others. With years of experience in serving members of the nonprofit community, our team of professionals excel in our ability to build or enhance the financial underpinnings of organizations such as yours.

The Merchants Bank Trust Department has a long history of providing investment management services to nonprofit organizations. We maintain decades of nonprofit and charitable investment management experience and abide by a disciplined, risk-aware philosophy enabling us to ensure our values align with the mission and vision of our clients. Contact us today to see how we can best serve your organization.

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