With expertise in financial planning, retirement planning and investment management, our Wealth Management team can help you prepare for the future. Learn more about the two areas that make up Merchants Wealth Management, our Trust Department and Merchants Investment Services, to find out what may be the best fit for you.

Trust Services

At Merchants Bank, our Trust Department offers safety, security and peace of mind to our clients by our disciplined approach to Wealth Management. With over $300 million in assets under management, the Trust Department has a proven track record of serving clients across multiple generations. We work with the most reputable companies to provide access to the best nationwide investment resources.

Investment Services

At Merchants Investment Services, the goal of our Financial Advisors and Consultants is to help people like you achieve their financial goals. Whether you’re starting your first job, managing a business or nearing retirement, our consultative, client-first approach will meet you right where you are. Our experts provide a holistic approach, attention to detail, depth of experience and unbiased independent advice. All of this together, creates long-lasting relationships with high levels of proactive service.
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