With competitive rates and worldwide acceptance, our Business Visa® Credit Cards also offer:
  • Local service from our Credit Card department in Winona, MN
  • Flexible payment options by paying the entire balance of your card account each month, or paying as little as 3% of your balance to match the cash flow needs of your business
  • Multiple credit cards for your staff, making record-keeping and tracking easy
  • Online account access
  • ScoreMore bonus points
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Summary of Visa® Business Credit Card Account Terms:

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Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for retail purchases and balance transfers Prime + 4%, variable rate (1,3)
Cash Advance Rate Prime + 7% variable rate (1,3)
Penalty Rate 21.75% (2)
Method of Computing Balance for Purchases Average daily balance, including new purchases
Grace Period for Purchases 25 days
Minimum Finance Charge None
Annual Membership Fee
  • Visa® Business Credit Card: $25 per card
  • Visa® Business Scorecard: $45 per card, waived with annual retail purchases totaling $20,000 or more per account
Cash Advance Fee $3
Other Fees
  • Late Payment fee: $25
  • Over the Limit fee: $25 fee will be assessed each month you exceed the line of credit
  • Returned Check fee: $30
  • Balance Transfer fee: None
  • Replacement Card fee: $10 if card is replaced more than once in any 12 month period
  • Foreign Currency fee: 1% of the converted transaction amount

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Earn additional bonus points on your Visa® ScoreCard Credit Card at participating retailers online or in-store with ScoreMore. It’s easy...just shop at participating retailers online by:

  1. Starting at www.scorecardrewards.com
  2. Click on ScoreMore for a list of participating retailers.
  3. Make your purchases using your Merchants Bank ScoreCard credit card
  4. You automatically earn bonus points. In-store shopping is just as easy.
Subject to credit approval.