With competitive rates and worldwide acceptance, our Business Visa® Credit Cards also offer:

  • Local service from our Credit Card department in Winona, MN
  • Flexible payment options by paying the entire balance of your card account each month, or paying as little as 3% of your balance to match the cash flow needs of your business
  • Multiple credit cards for your staff, making record-keeping and tracking easy
  • Online account access
  • ScoreMore bonus points
  • Contactless payments, which are faster and more secure. Whether you’re buying office supplies or paying for business travel, you can speed through the checkout with a single tap of your Merchants Bank credit card. To pay at retailers that accept this type of payment, just tap and go. If a retailer is not set up to accept a contactless form of payment, simply insert the chip or swipe just as you always have.
To apply for a Merchants Bank Business Credit Card, contact your local Merchants Bank.

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Summary of Visa® Business Credit Card Account Terms:
Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for retail purchases and balance transfers Prime + 4%, variable rate (1,3)
Cash Advance Rate Prime + 7% variable rate (1,3)
Penalty Rate 21.75% (2)
Method of Computing Balance for Purchases Average daily balance, including new purchases
Grace Period for Purchases 25 days
Minimum Finance Charge None
Annual Membership Fee
  • Visa® Business Credit Card: $25 per card
  • Visa® Business Scorecard: $45 per card, waived with annual retail purchases totaling $20,000 or more per account
Cash Advance Fee $3
Other Fees
  • Late Payment fee: $25
  • Over the Limit fee: $25 fee will be assessed each month you exceed the line of credit
  • Returned Check fee: $30
  • Balance Transfer fee: None
  • Replacement Card fee: $10 if card is replaced more than once in any 12 month period
  • Foreign Currency fee: 1% of the converted transaction amount

Protect Your Credit Card with the Merchants Bank Credit Card App

The power to protect your personal and business credit card transactions in your hands with our free Merchants Bank Credit Card App.

Merchants Bank Credit Card App is free, however, text or data charges may be imposed by your mobile provider. Check your plan for details. Your carrier may limit access outside the U.S

Earn additional bonus points on your Visa ® ScoreCard Credit Card at participating retailers online or in-store with ScoreMore. It’s easy...just shop at participating retailers online by:

  1. Starting at www.scorecardrewards.com
  2. Click on ScoreMore for a list of participating retailers.
  3. Make your purchases using your Merchants Bank ScoreCard credit card.
  4. You automatically earn bonus points. In-store shopping is just as easy.

Subject to credit approval.